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Happy new car customer in a new market

Entering new markets

A client required a full assessment and go-to-market plan to introduce an automotive brand into a new market.  Utilizing local market contacts, a thorough evaluation was conducted and a plan created for the client to make an informed decision.  Go or no-go? 

Electric Car Charging Station with V2G

Tech Outreach

Utilizing the electric vehicle (EV) as a power storage device is a developing concept.  Looking to be at the cutting edge, a client leveraged our deep industry connections to open dialogues with major automakers on the subject of bi-directional charging. 

Automotive knowledge database female employee

Knowledge with a click

Staying informed on upcoming new car models is critical.  Whether tracking all-new cars, re-engineered models, refreshes, or even phase-outs, suppliers, automakers, journalists, and other stakeholders turned to a database tool developed with our support. 

Filming a Scene for vehicle product placement

Camera rolling.  Action!

In conjunction with a partner in the film industry, we connected small-to-medium film studios with automakers.  We used our deep knowledge of the auto industry to link the right product placement opportunity to the fitting brand and in line with the specific vehicle's product cycle.  

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